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Dining Tokyo

At Dining Tokyo, we offer Japanese cuisine in a casual setting, with a focus on Japanese home-style cooking. 

We offer a variety of dishes that go well with alcoholic beverages.
Of course, even those who do not drink alcohol will be satisfied.


We hope you will try our foods!!



Riki Fukuda was born in 1981 in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Former UFC fighter. Former Japanese League and Korean League mixed martial arts champion. (MMA).

In 2017, he studied Sushi Cooking at the Sushi Department of Tokyo University of Food and Beverage.

In 2018, he moved to the Netherlands as a sole proprietor and started his career as a Japanese chef at Hokkai Kitchen.
Later, he also gained experience as a chef at a prestigious hotel.

In 2022, he founded Dining Tokyo, an IZAKAYA-style Japanese restaurant in Leiden. As owner and chef, he runs the restaurant with his Japanese wife.


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